Next Commission Meeting – November 25, 2015

The next Johnson Township Commission Meeting will be held on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 5:30 PM in the Johnson Township Building on Apple Rd (Saint Paris OH). This will be the last meeting of the year. The status of past action items will be reviewed. Commissioners continue to consider activities or types of situations that could arise in the future that township residents would prefer not to see take root in the township so that the Resolution (Code) can prevent their appearance proactively.

The position that was open for Commissioner to be filled by January 1, 2016 has now been filled. Chris Walker will assume the new position at that time.

All residents are invited to attend the meetings, not just Commission meetings, but any Trustee meeting. Trustee meetings are held on first and third Mondays of each month. Commission meetings are held the fourth Wednesday of each month.

This is the newly completed website that has been in Beta testing and development for over a year. we trust it meets your needs. In order to maintain the site, the Trustees will interview any interested residents who have computer and website administration experience and would like to serve the community in providing this service. For further information, call/leave message at 937.663.4541. Should you have any suggestions for improvement of the site or desire other information to be made available, please call/leave message at the same number.